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Strategic Naval Gunnery

Internet, multi-player, simultaneous movement, real-time game which re-creates strategic level naval gunnery operations.  

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"Strategic Naval Gunnery" - formerly working title was "Raider Operations" is project designed to re-create strategic level naval gunnery operations and the tactical battles that derive directly from the results of those operations. The intent is to draw you, the wargamer, closer to the experience of what it must have felt like to be directing strategic and tactical operations.  In the 'Far Seas' scenario, you could be commanding "Kaiser's pirates", (the fox) the ships that are hiding in the oceans of the world.  You’d be waiting for opportunities to raid some important signaling station or just waiting for passing merchants to capture or to sink.  And of course you could be (the hound) commanding dozens of ships and feeling the frustration of what it felt like to be searching for the needle in the haystack.  Searching for that raider hoping to surprise her and sink her.

Who will succeed, the fox or the hound?  It’s your chance to find out. It’s your turn to be the Captain of the Emden wondering if there will be another day or hour.  The focus of this scenario is on the "Kaiser’s Pirates and the Entente ships that searched the world for these raider pirates with orders to sink them before they did too much political damage to the war effort.

Ships like the Emden even the common foot soldiers in the trenches of France and Belgium read about her and cheered her successes. You could be the next Captain of the Emden and decide whether to raid the Cocos Islands, or hide and wait for passing merchants.  Or you could be the Captain of the Invincible searching for Von Spee and his Asiatic Squadron and perhaps being disappointed when your prey slips away in a squall. You choose. This scenario also features coaling operations, invasions and troop convoys.

But Strategic Naval Gunnery is not just a strategic game about a few German ships that caused the Royal Navy headaches.  It is a battle game with unlimited scenarios.  You can play the full battle of Jutland.  Yes I said the full battle.  All 251 ships!  The Strategic Naval Gunnery play testers are, as yet, the only humans to ever re-experience the full Jutland battle in its massiveness and unpredictabilit. It will leave you physically and mentally drained when it's over.  It is an incredible re-creation experience.  The best part is that you don't have to play it alone.

That's right!   You can play over the internet with your friends (and enemies too, of course).  The current battle scenarios are extensive, covering the Russo-Japanese War, World War 1 and World War 2 (extensively in the Solomons).  Raider Operations has strategic scenarios available covering WW 1 and there are WW2 and Russo-Japanese strategic scenarios in the works.

(taken from the Strategic Naval Gunnery / Raider Operations site)