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Admiral Scheer The history of the Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer. English
Banner for www.hmshood.com The history of the famous British battlecruiser. The official site of the HMS Hood Association. English
Banner for www.bismarck-class.dk The history of the battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz by John Asmussen - a huge fan of those two German battleships from Denmark. English
Schlachtschiff Bismarck Site about the Battleship Bismarck other German warships, made with Flash. German
Banner for battleshipbismarck.hypermart.net The history of the Battleship Bismarck, including 3D renderings. English
Die großen Schiffseinheiten der deutschen Kriegsmarine Pictures and information about Kriegsmarine ships. German/English
Dutch Navy in the past and present The history of the Dutch navy from the past ot the present. English
German U-Boats and The Battle of the Atlantic German U-boat history, photos, technical info, tactics, the crew and indepth history of the Battle of the Atlantic English
Banner for www.kriegsmarine.prv.pl The history of the German Kriegsmarine in World War II. Polish
Naval Technic The Evolution of Military Naval Technologies. English
Banner for Power At Sea German Kriegsmarine in World War 2. German
Kriegsmarine of the Reich Information on the German Battleships of WWII, development, history, combat service, technical data and photos English
Graf Zeppelin The histroy of the only German aircraft carrier in WW2. English
Kellerwerft Site for RC Shipbuilders German
Regia Marina The histroy of the Italian navy in World War II. English/Italian
Banner for www.scharnhorst-class.dke Another site by John Asmussen - about the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisneau. English
Banner for http://www.juergenthuro.de U-Boat Museums in Germany. German
Banner for http://www.subnetitalia.it The submarine portal. English/Italian
Total War Ships, personalities and battles or World War II. English
U47 Site about the history of U47. English
Uboat Net Everything about German Uboats of World War II. English
Banner for http://www.world-war.co.uk Cruiser operations in World War II. English