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This Honda 2000 was my first Bit Racer car. As most of my cars, its no original MicroSizer, but one of those cheap imitations which could be found everywhere in 2003.

Its does not drive that good as the original cars, but I used it quite a lot in our office races - and during the Cologne BitMeeting 2003, it was good enough to win a race :)

Sadly the power cell in the car does not work anymore now.

05200020 The Toyota Celica was my second Bit Racer. Being much faster than the other cars I have, its quite difficult to control it on the race track.

The pace car of the racetrack - based on a Toyota Open Deck. Originally this was the price at the Cologne Bit Racer Meetting 2003 when my Honda 2000 won a race.

The car had a ugly white body, so I repainted it in yellow,  equipped it with some working warning lights and added several decals I found in my scale model box.


This Nissan Skyline GTR is quite different to the other cars I have. It has a two speed control, i.e. you hafe a so called "boost" button which makes the car driving much faster. The drawback is that in "normal" mode this car is signigicant slower than the others.

Although it was not as cheap as the other cars (which were less then 10€ each), this car doe not drive very well, it has a very wide turning radius making it not the best racer on my little speedway.

05200022 The Mitsubishi Lancer once was the best running car I had. It was fast and had the best steering control of all other cars. But after a crash from my office desk it did not run very well anymore, if it was running at all.