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Minensuchboot 1916

Largest class of minehunters build in WW1  Minensuchboot 1916  Class

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M 57 of the Minensuchboot 1916 class in 1917

The Minensuchboot 1916  was the largest class of minehunters built during World War I in Germany. Differing not much from its predescessors they showed an increase in size and armamament.

A total of 119 ships were ordered and most of them were completed. Because of their dangerous operations, many of them got lost during the war, especially caused by mine hits. The surviving ships are used for several different tasks after the war, many of them were specially rebuild into fleet tenders or other auxiliary ships. Many of these ships saw action in World War II again, some even in their initial role as mine sweepers.

  Thanks to:  Denis Zhukov