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Staatsyacht 1893 - 1923  

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08.04.1893:   Hohenzollern is commissioned.
-24.04.1893:   Trials.
1893:   Two visits in Sweden.
1894:   Voyage to Drontheim.
1895:   Opening of the Kiel-Channel, the Hohenzollern is the first ship to make a transit. Voyages to Sweden and England.
1896:   Voyages to Italy and Norway.
1897:   Voyages to Mole, Kronstadt and Sweden.
1898:   Voyages to the Lofoten, Italy, Palestine and Pola.
1899:   Voyages to Drontheim, Bergen and England.
1900:   Voyages to Drontheim and England. During a refit, the Hohenzollern is equipped with a wireless radio.
1901:   Voyage to Britain to the funeral ceremony of the British Queen and to Mole.

Voyage ot New York. To enlarge the operational range of the ship, additional coal is stored in various rooms of the ship. Prinz Heinrich von Preussen, who wants to use this trip to visit the launch of a sailing yacht which was ordered by the Emperor in the USA, does not use the Hohenzollern for the trip, but the passenger liner Kronprinz Wilhlem .

12.02.1902:   Arrival in New York. During the time in New York, about 6000 guests visit the ship each day.
11-27.03.1902:   Return to Germany.
1902:   Voyages to Drontheim, Russia and Britain.
1903:   Voyages to Denmark and Drontheim.
1904:   Voyages to the Mediterranian and Drontheim.
1905:   Voyages to the Mediterranian, Denmark and Sweden.
05.05.1906:   Decomissioned for refits. All guns except two 5,2 cm ones are removed.
15.04.1907:   Recomissioned.
1907:   Voyages to the North Cape, Denmark, Great Britain and the Netherlands.
1908:   Voyages to Molde, Pola and Korfu.
1909:   Voyages to the Mediterranian, Sweden and Norway.
1910:   Voyages to Great Britain, Sweden and Norway.
1911:   Voyages to Italy, Korfu, Great Britain and Denmark.

Voyages to the Mediterranian, Baltischport and Denmark.

1913:   Voyages to Demark and Norway.
1914:   Voyages to Italy and Greece.
July 1914:   Despite the death of the Austrian crown prince, Kaiser Wilhlem II starts on his nordic voyage up to Balholmen.
27.07.1914:   Return to Kiel.
31.07.1914:   Hohenzollern is decomissioned. In difference to the original plans, the ship was not used during the war.
27.12.1920:   Striken form the list of warships.
1923:   Scrapped in Wilhlemshaven.