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Kreuzer IV. Klasse 1892 - 1917  Bussard  Class

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27.06.1892:  The former Kaiseradler is renamed to Seeadler before commissioned.
17.08 - 17.11.1892:  Training and trials.
25.10.1892:  Seeadler rams the Panzerkorvette Bayern .
15.03.1893:  Seeadler is commissioned.
25.03.1893:  Together with the Kaiserin Augusta , the Seeadler is sent to the USA for the 400 anniversary celebrations of the discorvery of America. During the Atlantic crossing, the ship runs out of coal. Since the cruiers would not arrive in time when using its sails, it had to be towed by the Kaiserin Augusta .
18.04.1893:  Arrival in Hampton Roads. After the celebrations, the ship is sent to the East African Station.
20.06.1893:  Arrival in Adan. The Seeadler meets the Schwalbe , which is replaced by the new cruiser.
03.07 - 21.08.1893:  Repairs in Bombay.
02.09.1893:  Arrival in Sansibar.
09.09.1893:  Together with the Möwe , the Seeadler is ordered to Kilwa Kiwindje to assist the German troops against slave traders.
15.11.1893:  Evacuation of German settlers to Sansibar.
- January 1895:  Operations in East Afirica until the ship is replaced by the Condor .
10.01 - 31.05.1895:  Boiler repairs in Bombay.
- February 1896:  Operations in East Afirica.
February 1896:  Repairs in Cape Town.

Sent to Deutsch-Südwestafrika to assist the German troops there.

May 1896:  Seeadler returns to East Africa.
24.09.1896:  Assists the sailing ship Emile during a fire of its coal load.
01.10.1896:  Seeadler is ordered to Sansibar to assist the new Sultan of Sansibar against the British. The Sultan is brought to Daressalam.
20.12.1896:  Ordered to Lourenco Marques to support German diplomats there.
02.01.1897:  Repairs in Cape Town.
January 1898:  Repairs in Cape Town.
03.05.1898:  Ordered back home to Germany.
26.06.1898:  Arrival in Kiel.
09.07.1898:  Decommissioned in Danzig, reconstruction and modifiactions.
03.10.1899:  Commissioned.
19.10.1899:  Leaves Kiel for South East Asia.
15.11.1899:  Arrival in Matupi.
18.01.1900:  Sent to the Admiral Islands to investigate the murder of a trader.
30.01.1900 - July 1900:  Cruise thorugh the Karolinen and Marianas Islands.
July 1900:  Send to China.
08.08.1900:  Seeadler arrives in Tsingtau and joins the cruiser squadron.
24.01.1901:  Ordered to the Jap Island to assist the beached Mail ship München .
- December 1902:  Visit to various ports.
03.08 - 14.09.1903:  Repairs in Uraga.
Spring 1905:  Visit to the Philipines and Indonesia.
20.08.1905:  Ordered to East-Africa to assist in the fight against the upspring there.
01.10.1905:  Arrival in Daressalam.
- January 1906:  Various operations in the fight against rebels.
10.02 - 16.03.1906:  Repairs in Cape Town.
1907:  Operations in East-Africa.
18.02 - 18.03.1908:  Repairs in Cape Town.
March/April 1908:  Sent to Deutsch Südwestafrika.
18.04.1908:  Return to Daressalam.
- 1914:  Operations in East-Africa.
09.01.1914:  Seeadler is ordered back to Germany.
18.03.1914:  Arrival in Kiel.
30.03.1914:  Decommissioned in Danzig.
06.05.1914:  Reclassified as gunboat.
August 1914:  After the outbreak of the war, the Seeadler is not used for active duty anymore. It is transferred to Wilhlemshaven and used as a mine hulk.
19.04.1917:  The ship is destroyed after a mine explosion on board.

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  Thanks to:  Lars Burkhard for making the Seeadler drawing  D. Castel