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RC Models (Bit Racer)

In 2003 I got faszinated by Bit-Racer, little RC cars (about 7 cm long) which are charged at the RC control for about a minute or two and then can race for up to 5 minutes. Those little cars are extremly fun to drive in the offfice :)

Altough they are kids toys they can get addictive to grown ups as well - which could be seen at the Bitracer Metting 2003 in Cologne where people from all parts of Germany meet, drove and modified these cars.

The Bit-Racer boom is over now, but I decided to put on the pages about my little collection of cars anyway. (Ok, it was planned to do this last year, but I did not found the time to do so....)

Now and then I still take one of the little cars and drive around on my desktop - or on the racetrack :)