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Schlachtschiff 1941 - 1944  Bismarck  Class

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25.02.1941:   Commissioned.
-January 1942:   Trials and training in the Baltic Sea.
14.01.1942:   Tirpitz and Admiral Scheer transfer from Wilhelmshaven to Drontheim.
14-17.01.1942:   The destroyers Richard Beitzen , Bruno Heinemann , Paul Jakobi and Z29 escort the battleship Tirpitz to the Trondheimfjord.
05-09.03.1942:   Operation "Sportpalast":  
First combat action against allied convoys. The ship sails into the Arctic Ocean to intercept the convoys PQ-8 and PQ-12. After unsuccessful attacks by British carrier aircraft and submarines, the Tirpitz sails into the Bow Beight near Narvik.

Operations against the convoys PQ 17 and QP 13 are canceled after the breakdown of several
supporting units. During this operation, the Tirpitz is attacked by the Russian submarine K21 . While
the Russians claim a hit on the battleship, the Germans did not notice any attack.

23-24.10.1942:   Richard Beitzen , Friedrich Eckoldt, Z23, Z28  and Z29 escort the battleship Tirpitz and the  heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer from Narvik to Trondheim.
Winter 1942/43:   Docked in the Loo Fjord.
March 1943:   Transferred to the Bow Beight and later to the Ka Fjord.
06-07.09.1943:   Operation "Sizilien":  
A squadron consisting of Tirpitz , Scharnhorst and 9 destroyers (Erich Steinbrink , Karl Galster , Hans
,Theodor Riedel , Z27 , Z29 , Z30 , Z31, Z33 ) attack the enemy base on Spitzbergen.

The Tirpitz is attacked by British midget submarines X5 , X6 and X7 . They break through the torpedo
nets and X6 manages to place a mine below the ship. All midged subs are destroyed but the exploding mine causes heavy damage on board of the Tirpitz : Besides some hull damage, the turbines are put out of action, the propellor shafts and rudder are disabled.

Sep 1943 - Mar 1944:   Repairs.
05.04.1944:   Attacked by several waves of carrier aircraft. The Tirpitz is hit by 15 bombs.
17.04.1944:   Another air attack, this time the ship was is only hit by one bomb, but it was the first and only time that the armored deck are penetrated.
22-29.08.1944:   Several unsuccessful air attacks.
14.10.1944:   Attacked by a squadron of four-engined long range bombers stationed in Russia. One bomb hit on the
bow. The Tirpitz is out out of action.
17.10.1944:   Transferred to the Sande Sound, the ship is only able to make 8 kn.
12.11.1944:   A squadron of 32 Lancaster bombers attack the ship with "Tallboy" bombs. After the first three hits and several near misses the ship capsizes, the magazine of one 38 cm (15") turret detonates.
1948-1957:   The wreck of the Tirpitz is broken down.

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  Thanks to:  J. J Markowski  B. Biechowski  Tirpitz model photos by D. Emmerich 1985  A. Kyd-Rebenburg  L. R. Baker