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Zerstörer 1936

The Zerstörer 1936 class were slightly bigger and improved to their predecessors, the Zerstörer 1934 and Zerstörer 1934A.
While these ships were under construction, none of the earlier ships was commissioned and therefore none of their design flaws got obvious.

It's interesting that most of the problems - especially those of the engines - were solved in this class of ships. The engines were much more reliable, the structural integrity was improved and they were much better seagoing ships.  This was caused by the reduction of  the top weight, the funnels were shortened and the height of the superstructure was reduced and the improved bow shape of the three last build ships.

Although 26 of this ships were ordered, only 6 were completed, while the other orders were modified to other designs. All but one ships were sunk at Narvik and formed the destroyer graveyard in the Norwegian fjord.

Z17 Diether von Roeder
Laid down: Deschimag Bremen, 09.09.1936
Launched: 19.08.1937
Commissioned: 29.08.1938
Fate: sunk 13.04.1940 (Narvik)

Z18 Hans Lüdemann
Laid down: Deschimag Bremen, 09.09.1936
Launched: 01.12.1937
Commissioned: 08.10.1938
Fate: scuttled on 13.04.1940

Z19 Hermann Künne
Laid down: Deschimag Bremen, 05.10.1936
Launched: 22.12.1937
Commissioned: 12.01.1939
Fate: beached on 13.04.1940

Z20 Karl Galster
Laid down: Deschimag Bremen, 14.09.1937
Launched: 15.06.1938
Commissioned: 21.03.1939
Fate: scrapped 1956

Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp
Laid down: Deschimag Bremen, 15.12.1937
Launched: 20.08.1938
Commissioned: 10.06.1939
Fate: sunk on 11.04.1940

Z22 Anton Schmitt
Laid down: Deschimag Bremen, 03.01.1938
Launched: 20.09.1938
Commissioned: 24.09.1939
Fate: sunk on 10.04.1940