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Schleswig Holstein

Linienschiff 1905 - 1945  Deutschland  Class

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31.05.1916:   Participated in Battle of Jutland in 2nd Squadron.
01.09.1939:   At 4.45 AM the Schleswig Holstein opens World War II by firing on the western flats of the Westerplatte peninsula
08.04.1940:   "Operation Weserübung":  
Together with MTBs and fishing craft, the Schleswig Holstein transports army soldiers from Eckernförde Bight.
09.04.1940:   Troop landings in Nyborg.
1941-1944:   Used as a dormitory ship at Gotenhafen (Gdynia) or as a training ship. The ship sails about 6000 nautical miles in this period.
Sep - Dec 1944:   Used as  Flak Ship, equipped with more AA guns.
18.12.1944:   After brought in a battle ready state, the Schleswig Holstein was hit by three bombs during an air raid on Gotenhafen (Gdynia). The ship sink on its keel.
20.12.1944:   Large fire on board.
25.01.1945:   Removed from fleet list, most of the crew is killed in defense of Marienburg.
21.03.1945:   The wreck is blown up.
Spring 1946:   The wreck us raised by the ASS of the 4th Soviet fleet and towed to Tallin.
29.09.1946:   Added to Soviet fleet lists, some sources say that it was renamed to Borodino . The ship is used as a dormitory ship for a short time.
1948:   Scuttled in shallow water near Odsmussar island and used as an airforce target ship. The remains existed until the 1970s, the wreck can now be found in shallow water in a depth of 10 meters.

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