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Torpedoboot 1939 - 1945  Torpedoboot 1935  Class

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02.12.1939:   T1 is commissioned.
24-25.06.1940:   Together with T5 and T8 , T1 escorts a convoy form Fredrikshavn to Horten.
06-07.09.1940:   The destroyer Karl Galster and the torpedo boats Falke , Greif , Ilits , Jaguar , Kondor , T1 , T2 and T3 excecute a mine laying operation in the south western North Sea.

Seeadler , Iltis , T1 , T2 and T3 escort the mine layers Brummer , Skagerak and Stralsund to Le Havre.

18.09.1940:   T1 is hit by a bomb during an air attack on Cherbourg. Turbine room 2 is destroyed.
20-21.09.1940:   Transferred to Wilhlemshaven.
06-07.11.1940:   Operation of the 1st and 2nd torpedo boat flotilla with T1 , T4 , T6 , T7 , T8 , T9 and T10 against costal shipping at the British east coast. The operation is cancelled after T6 is sunk after a mine hit near Aberdeen.
30.11-01.12.1940:   On its way into  the Atlantic, the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper is escorted by the torpedo boats T1 , T4 , T5 , T8 , T9 and T12 .
05-06.12.1940:   The torpedo boats T1 , T5 , T8 and T12 escort the light cruiers Köln and Nürnberg during a mine laying operation in the North Sea.
07-08.12.1940:   The auxiliary cruiser Kormoran is escorted by T1 , T5 and T12 into the North Sea.
28-29.12.1940:   The torpedo boats Falke , Greif , Seeadler , T1 , T7 , T9 , T10 and T12 escort the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau during their attempt to break into the North Atlantic. The operation is aborted.
17.01.1941:   Escorted by the torpedo boats T1 , T5 , T9 and T10 , the mine layers Brummer , Königin Louise and Tannenberg leave Stavanger to lay the mine field "20 Pommern". The operation is aborted due to the weather conditions.
18-19.01.1941:   Another attempt to lay the mine field "20 Pommern": T1 , T5 , T10 and T12 escort several mine layers, again the operation has to be aborted because of the weather.
15.08.1941:   Decommissioned.

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