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Z10 Hans Lody

Zerstörer 1938 - 1949  Zerstörer 1934A  Class

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17.09.1939:   Hans Lody is commissioned.
04.04.1939:   Attached to the 4th Zerstöre-Flotille.
30.05.1939:   Part of the ship welcoming the returning Legion Condor in the German Beight.
Jul 1939:   Excercises in the North and Baltic Sea.
04.09.1939:   Transferred to the North  Sea. While loading mines, an explosion killed 2 crew members, wounding 6 others.
Sep 1939:   Merchant warfare in the Kategatt together with Friedrich Ihn, Erich Steinbrinck and 4 torpedo boats.
22-24.10.1939:   Merchant warfare in the North Sea.
27-29.10.1939:   Merchant warfare in the North Sea, due to bad weather one crew member was killed, 3 wounded.
18-19.11.1939:   Mine laying operations together with the destroyers Erich Steinbrinck and Friedrich Eckold against the Humber estuary. The returning ships are escorted by the light cruiser Nürnberg and the torpedo boats Iltis ,  Leopard , Wolf and Seeadler .
06-07.12.1939:   Offensive mine laying operation near Cromer at the British east coast together with Erich Giese . During the operation, battle with British destroyer Jersey which was badly damaged by a torpedo of Erich Giese .
09.02.- 22.05.1940:   Repairs in Wesermünde.
04-09.06.1940:   Participation in "Operation Juno". Together with the destroyers Hermann Schoemann , Erich Steinbrinck and Karl Galster and the torpedo boats Falke and Jaguar , the Hans Lody escorts the battleships Scharnhorst , Gneisenau and the cruiser Admiral Hipper . Hans Lody assists in the sinking of the tanker Juniper , rescuing survivors. The destroyer also takes over 98 survivors of the sunk Orama .
07.06.1940:   On sea refuelling form battleship Scharnhorst in heavy weather.
09.06.1940:   On its way back to Drontheim, Hans Lody captures a fishing boat.
20-23.06.1940:   Together with the destroyers Hermann Schoemann , Erich Steinbrinck and the torpedo boats Greif and Kondor , the Hans Lody escorts the bomb damaged Scharnhorst from Drontheim to Kiel. The Hans Lody is then transferred to Wilhlemshaven.
30.06.1940:  Hans Lody and Paul Jacobi are send back to Drontheim.
25-28.07.1940:   Transfer of the damaged Gneisenau back to Germany, the battleship is escorted by light cruiser Nürnberg and the destroyers Hans Lody , Paul Jakobi , Friedrich Ihn and Karl Galster, the torpedo boats Iltis , Jaguar , Kondor , Luchs and T5 .
27.07.1940:   During a course change, Hans Lody and Gneisenau collide, both ships are slightly damaged.
09-11.09.1940:   Together with Karl Galster , Theodor Riedel , Friedrich Eckold and Friedirch Ihn , Hans Lody is sent to Cherbourg.
19-20.09.1940:   Transfer to Brest.
28-29.09.1940:   Mine laying operation at Falmouth Bay together with the destroyers Friedrich Eckold, Theodor RiedelKarl Galster , Paul Jakobi , Friedrich Ihn and Erich Steinbrinck .
10.10.1940:   During an air attack on Brest, the Hans Lody is damaged by shell splinters and MG fire, causing 2 death and 7 wounded.
17.10.1940:   Operation against the Bristol Channel together with Friedirch Ihn , Erich Steinbrinck and Karl Galster . During the operation, British cruisers and destroyers are encountered, the Hans Lody is hit twice.
24-25.11.1940:   Karl Galster , Richard Beitzen and Hans Lody operate against Plymouth. One British patrol boat and the transport Appolonia are sunk.
28-29.11.1940:   Karl Galster , Richard Beitzen and Hans Lody operate against Plymouth again. Three smaller British ships are sunk, the destroyer Javelin is torpedoed. 
05-09.12.1940:  Hans Lody and Karl Galster return to Germany.
09.12.1940 - Apr 1941:   Repairs in Wesermünde.
20-26.06.1941:   Operation Rheinübung: The destroyers Friedrich Eckold , Hans Lody , Friedirch Ihn , Erich Steinbrinck , Karl Galster and Z20 escort the battleship Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen from the Baltic Sea to Trondheim. After that, the destroyers return to Germany.
10-14.06.1941:   Hans Lody , Friedrich Eckold , Karl Galster , Z23 and Z24 escort the damaged cruiser Lützow (airborne torpedo hit) back to Germany.
01-02.07.1941:   Richard Beitzen and Hans Lody are relocated to Bergen.
04-11.07.1941:   The 6th destroyer flotilla, consiting of the destroyers Friedrich Eckold , Karl Galster , Herman Schoemann , Richard Beitzen and Hans Lody are transferred to Kirkenes.
12-16.07.1941:   Operations of the 6th destroyer flotilla near hte North Cape and Kola: Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Eckold and Richard Beitzen sink the Russian patrol boats Passat and Molotow .
29-30.07.1941:   Hans Lody , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Eckold and Richard Beitzen operate against th Kaja- and Jugor-Street. The operation is aborted when a British task group consisting of aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers is reported.
09-10.08.1941:   Friedrich Eckold, Hans Lody  and Richard Beitzen operate near the Kola-Fjord and the Kildin-Islands. The Soviet patrol boat SKR 12/Tuman is sunk.
13.08.1941:   Hans Lody escorts a troop transport in the Westfjord.
30.08.1941:   Hans Lody escorts a convoy from Tromsö to Kirkenes. Two ships are sunk by a British submarine.
03-04.09.1941:   Karl Galster  and Hans Lody escort a troop transport from Tromsö to Kirkenes.
16-17.09.1941:   Hans Lody , Friedrich Eckold and Karl Galster escort a convoy from Kirkenes to Honnigsvaag.
29.09-08.10.1941:   Hans Lody is sent back to Germany.
- April 1942:   Operations in the area of Kirkenes.
April  - May 1942:   Repairs in Wesermünde.
15-17.05.1942:   While being transferred to Kristiansand, the heawy cruiser Lützow is escorted by Richard Beitzen , Hans Lody , Z27 and Z29 .
17-18.05.1942:   Mine laying operation at Jutland by Richard Beitzen , Hans Lody , Z27 and Z29 .
18-20.05.1942:   Richard Beitzen , Hans Lody , Z27, Z29 and T12 escort the cruiser Lützow from Kristiansand to Trondheim.
02-03.07.1942:   Sent to the Altafjord. When arriving there, Hans Lody and the destroyers Karl Galster and Theodor Riedel  run aground. Hans Lody  damages both props and taking water. The ships return to Drontheim for emergency repairs.

Operation Rösselsprung:
In a major operation of the battleship Tirpitz and the heavy cruisers Admiral Scheer , Lützow and Admiral Hipper against the allied convoy PQ17, several destroyers and torpedo boats escort the capital ships: Friedrich Ihn , Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Theodor Riedel , Richard Beitzen , Friedrich Eckoldt , Erich Steinbrinck , Z24 , Z27 , Z28 , Z29 , Z30 , T7 and T15 . The operation is cancelled, but the convoy is heaviely attacked by U-boats and the Luftwaffe.
Because of its damage the day before, the Hans Lody had to quit the operation early.

25-29.07.1942:   The damaged destroyer Theodor Riedl and Hans Lody  are towed to Kiel for repairs.
15.02.1943:   While on trials after the repairs, a fire broke out in one of the boiler rooms.
-Apr 1943:   Additional repairs.
22.04.1943:   Hans Lody is send to Nord-Norway.
06-09.09.1943:   Participation in "Operation Sizilien", the attack on Spitzbergen.
21.11.1943:   Rammed by destroyer Erich Steinbrinck .
-April 1944:   Operations in southern Norway.
03.05.1944-18.02.1945:   Repairs in Kiel.
05.04.1945:   Used for escort duty in the Skagerak.
05-07.05.1945:   Last refugee evacuation form Copenhagen to Hela and back.
09.05.1945:   Together with Theodor Riedel , the Hans Lody returns to Kiel.
May 1945:   Transferred to Wilhlemshaven and put under British command.
06.01.1946:   Sent to Portmouth.
-Oct 1946:   Tests under British command.
-1949:   Used as a floating barrack.
1949:   Scrapped.

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