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Z6 Theodor Riedel

Zerstörer 1937 - 1958  Zerstörer 1934A  Class

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04.09.1939:   Together with Erich Giese and the mine layers Cobra and Roland , the Theodor Riedel lays the anti submarine mine field "f" MARTHA-HANS in the North Sea. 666 Mines are laid during this operation, 100 from Theodor Riedel .
05-06.09.1939:   Together with Erich Giese and the mine layers Cobra and Roland , the Theodor Riedel lays the mine field "a" MARTHA-IDA in the North Sea. 666 Mines are laid during this operation, 100 from Theodor Riedel.
13.09.1939:   Together with Bernd von Arnim , Friedrich Eckold and the mine layers Cobra, Hansestadt Danzig, Kaiser,  and Roland , the Theodor Riedel   lays the mine field "b" MARTHA-EINS in the North Sea. 960 Mines are laid during this operation, 240 from Theodor Riedel .

Raid to intercept Britain - Scandinavia trade together with battleship Gneisenau , CL Köln and destroyers Wilhlem Heidkamp ,  Erich Steinbrinck ,  Diether von Roeder ,  Max Schulz ,  Paul Jakobi,   Bernd von ArnimFriedrich Ihn and Friedrich Eckoldt . No results.

09-10.02.1940:   Together with the destroyers  Wilhlem Heidkamp and Hermann Schoemann , the Theodor Riedel supports mine laying operations of the destroyers Friedrich Eckold , Richard Beitzen , Max Schultz , Bruno Heinemann , Wilhlem Zenker and Erich Koellner .
22-23.02.1940:   Operation "Wikinger": Together with Richard Beitzen , Erich Koellner , Friedrich Eckold , Max Schulz and Leberecht Maaas , the Theodor Riedel operates against british fishing boats at the Doggerbank. On their way to the operations area, the destroyers are attacked by a German bomber, sinking the Lebercht Maas . During the evasive manouvers, the destroyers run into British mines and the Max Schulz is lost after a mine hit.
07.04.1940:   Operation Weserübung: Theodor Riedel joins the destroyers Paul Jakobi, Friedrich Eckold , and Bruno Heinemann  in the Trondheim Attack Group.
09-11.09.1940:   Together with Karl GalsterHans Lody , Friedrich Eckold and Friedirch Ihn , Theodor Riedel  is sent to Cherbourg.
19-20.09.1940:   Transfer to Brest.
28-29.09.1940:   Mine laying operation at Falmouth Bay together with the destroyers Friedrich Eckold,  Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Paul Jakobi , Friedrich Ihn and Erich Steinbrinck .
05-07.11.1940:   Paul Jakobi , Theodor Riedel , Friedrich Eckold , Erich Steinbrinck and Friedrich Ihn are returned to Germany.
09-12.08.1941:   Escorted by the torpedo boats Kondor and T2 , the Theodor Riedel is transferred to Norway. The destroyer is damaged after running agound.
06-08.12.1941:   The destroyer is ordered back to Germany.
11-14.06.1942:   The destroyers Karl Galster and Theodor Riedel are sent to Norway.
03-06.07.1942:   Operation Rösselsprung:
In a major operation of the battleship Tirpitz and the heavy cruisers Admiral Scheer , Lützow and Admiral Hipper against the allied convoy PQ17, several destroyers and torpedo boats escort the capital ships: Friedrich Ihn , Hans Lody , Karl Galster , Theodor Riedel , Richard Beitzen , Friedrich Eckoldt , Erich Steinbrinck , Z24 , Z27 , Z28 , Z29 , Z30 , T7 and T15 . The operation is cancelled, but the convoy is heaviely attacked by U-boats and the Luftwaffe.
Theodor Riedel had to quit the operation early after running aground.
25-29.06.1942:   The damaged destroyer Theodor Riedl and Hans Lody  are towed to Kiel for repairs.
:   To be continued...

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