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Admiral Graf Spee

Panzerschiff / Schwerer Kreuzer 1936-1939  Deutschland  Class

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06.01.1936   Commissioned.
-May 1936   Training and trials.
09.05.1936   The Admiral Graf Spee enters active fleet service.
29.05.1936   Fleet parade at Laboe.
06-25.06.1936   Atlantic operations, visit to Santa Cruz.
20.08-09.10.1936   First Spain operation.
13.12.1936-14.02.1937   Second Spain operation.
02.03-06.05.1937   Third Spain operation.
15-22.05.1937   The Admiral Graf Spee takes part at the international fleet parade at Spithead.
23.06 - 07.08.1937   Forth Spain operation.
Autumn 1937   Autumn maneuvers, followed by visits to Wisby and Kristiansand.
07-18.02.1938   Fifth Spain operation.
29.06-09.07.1938   Training operations in Norwegian waters.
22.08.1938   Fleet parade at the launch of the CA Prinz Eugen .
06-23.10.1938   Atlantic operations, including visit to Tangier and Vigo.
10-24.11.1938   Atlantic operations, including visit to Portugal.
22-24.03.1938   Flagship during the Memel-Operations.
18.04-16.05.1939   Atlantic operations together with Deutschland , Admiral Scheer , Leipzig , Köln , Leberecht Maas , Diether
von Roeder
, the U-Boat tender Erwin Wasser and three U-boat flotillas, including visits to Ceuta and

Leaves Wilhelmshaven for the South Atlantic.

11-25.09.1939   Stays 900 miles east of Bahia.
26.09.1939   Received orders to attack allied merchant shipping.
30.09.1939   Sinks British steamer Clement (5051 t) off Pernabuco.
October 1939  

Admiral Graf Spee sinks the following ships: 

  • 05.10: Newton Beach (4651 t)
  • 07.10: Ashlea (4222 t)
  • 10.10: Huntsman (8196 t)
  • 22.10: Trevanion (5299 t)
November 1939   Sails into the Indian Ocean and sinks British steamer Africa Shell (706 t).
December 1939  

Returns to the South Atlantic and sinks the following ships:

  • 02.12: Doric Star (10086 t)
  • 03.12: Taiora (7983 t) 
  • 07.12: Steronshaln (3895 t)
06.12.1939   Admiral Graf Spee meets its supply ship Altmark the last time (25,5°S, 24,5°W)
13.12.1939   The Admiral Graf Spee runs into the British CA Exeter , CL Ajax and the New Zealand CL Achilles . The Exeter is badly damaged, the other ships are hit, too. The Admiral Graf Spee (36 dead and 60 wounded) sails to Montevideo for repairs but has to leave the port in 72 hours.
17.12.1939   Admiral Graf Spee leaves Montevideo at 6:15 pm and is scuttled in the La Plata estuary at 7:52 pm.

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