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Schwerer Kreuzer 1939-1950  Admiral Hipper  Class

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01.07.1939:   Launched at Deschimag shipyard, Bremen.
May 1940:   Purchased by Soviet Union from Germany.
31.05.1940:   The  incomplete hull is towed to Leningrad.
25.09.1940:   Renamed to Petropavlovsk .
June 1941:   The  Petropavlovsk is completed about 70%. Machinery and subsidiary installations are incomplete, the funnel and only basic elements of superstructures are erected plus improvised main-mast mounted. Only "A" and "D" (1st and 4th) 20,3 cm (8") turrets are mounted and equipped plus bases and barbettes for the other two. AA guns consisted of two 3,7 cm and eight 20 mm guns (most likely German models)
June - August 1941:   The cruiser was re-equipped to floating battery with its four 20,3 cm guns (German ammunition) and towed to the Call Harbor (Leningrad Trade Port's area).
07.09.1941:   Petropavlovsk opens fire on Wehrmacht units. After 21st volley the barrel of the left 20, cm gun of the "A" turret broke down because of internal shell/defect which was thoroughly sealed in Germany.
17.09.1941:   The motionless ship has fired about 700 shells on German ground units. German heavy artillery fired at
the cruiser. During this day Petropavlovsk received 53 hits of 210 mm shells. She sunk and set  upon the bottom on shallow waters.
04.04.1942:   During operation "Eisstoss" the cruiser received one serious hit from Luftwaffe bombers.
17.09.1942:   The ship was raised and towed for refitting.
30.12.1942:   Reintegrated into the naval defence of Leningrad, moved to the "Iron Seawall" in Leningrad Cargo Port.
January-February 1943:   The ship is refitted with AA guns: six 3,7 cm L/67, 5x70-K mountings, two 20 mm and several (6-8) 12,7 mm L/79.
January 1944:   Petropavlovsk fires on German units retreating. Over 1036 shells were fired for 10 days.
01.09.1944:   The cruiser is renamed to Tallin .
Summer 1945:   The ship is transferred to the Baltic plant in order to continue construction.
12.01.1949:   The ship is re-classified to Light Cruiser.
23.12.1949:   Technical parameters for a completion of the i are set: 12 x 15,2 cm guns L/53 "MK-5" (in triple turrets), 6 x 10 cm guns L/70 "SM.5" , 12 45 mm L/78 "SM-20" flak and 24 x 25 mm L/80 "4M-120" light Flak. The maximum size of the ship was projected to be 19395 t. But caused by the time and money to be spend on this project - equal to the construction of an additional Severdlov cruiser - the project is canceled.
11.03.1953:   Re-classified to motionless training ship Dnepr .
December 1956:   Re-classified to floating barrack and renamed to PKZ-112 .
04.04.1958:   Removed from the Soviet navy lists.

Broken down at the Vtorchermet base in Leningrad Cargo Port.

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