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Leichter Kreuzer 1925 - 1945  

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15.10.1925:   Commissioned, followed by training and trials.
-May 1926:   Battle training in North and Baltic Sea.
May 1926:   Final construction works.
October 1926:   Refits, aft funnel is modified.
11.11.1926-14.03.1928:   First international voyage: Around Africa to Japan, visiting the Cocos-Islands where the small cruiser Emden was sunk in World War I. From there, the Emden sails to Indonesia, the USA, Chile, Brazil and returns to Wilhelmshaven.
April - June 1928:   Repairs and refits.
-December 1928:   Fleet operations and support of the torpedo school.
05.12.1928-13.12.1929:   Second international voyage: Mediterranean, Suez Channel, East Africa, Seychelles, Indonesia, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii, USA, Central America, Spain.
-January 1930:   Repairs and refits.
13.01.1930-13.05.1931:   Third international voyage: Westindies, visiting several islands and harbors, and the USA.
-December 1930:   Repairs, followed by training.
01.12.1930-08.12.1931:   Fourth international voyage: Mediterranean, Suda- Beight, Port Said, Suez Channel, Indian Ocean, India, Philippines, China, Japan, Cocos-Islands, Indonesia, South Africa, West Africa, Spain.
-February 1933:   Fleet operations.
20.02.1933-16.03.1933:   Fifth international voyage: Sailed to Spain.
31.03.1933-29.09.1934:   Decommissioned because of major refits in Wilhelmshaven.
-November 1934:   Training and trials.
10.11.1934-14.06.1935:   Sixth international voyage: Cape Town, East Africa, Seychelles, Ceylon, Indian Ocean, Suez-Channel, Spain Portugal.
23.10.1935-11.06.1936:   Seventh international voyage: Central America, Panama Channel, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, Panama Channel, USA, Canada.
10.10.1936-22.04.1937:   Eighth international voyage: Mediterranean, Dardanelles, Varna, Istanbul, Port Said, Suez-Channel, Indian Ocean, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, India, Suez-Channel.  In April 1937, the Emden takes part in control operations off the Spanish coast.
11.10.1937-23.04.1938:   Ninth international voyage: After control operations in spanish waters, the Emden continues her voyage to Suez Channel, Ceylon, Indonesia, China, Mediterranean, Yugoslavia, Greece, Spain.
26.07.1938-21.09.1938:   Tenth international voyage: Azores, Bermuda.
10.10.1938-16.12.1938:   Eleventh international Voyage: Mediterranean, Varna, Istanbul, Greece, Spain.
29.03.-15.04.1939:   Used as a fishery protection ship near iceland.
August 1939:   Supported by government yacht Grille and several torpedo boats, the Emden laid a mine field in the North Sea.
04.09.1939:   During a a British air raid on Wilhelmshaven, the Emden shoot down an Blendheim bomber which crashed into the bow of the ship, causing several deaths. First navy casualties in World War II.
Oct 1939 - Mar 1940:   Used as a training ship.
06.04.1940:   Operation "Weserübung":  
Transports troops from Swinemünde.
07.04.1940:   Part of Squadron 5 assembled in Kiel.
08.04.1940:   On their way to Oslo, Squadron 5 looses the CA Blücher . Troops on board of the Emden disembark to attack Forts at the Dröbak Narrows.
10.04.1940:   Arrives in Oslo. The radio station on board of the Emden is the main communication center in Oslo.
Summer 1940:   Emden transfers to Gothenburg for training purposes.
22.08.1941:   The torpedo boats Greif and Kondor escort the light cruiser Emden from Frederikshavn to Norden.
September 1941:   Together with CL Köln , Emden bombards Russian shore batteries at Cape Ristna on Ösel.
27.09.1941:   Together with the CL Leipzig , the Emden sinks the Soviet MTB 83 in the Lyu Beight off Sworbe.
November 1941:   Attached to the training section of the fleet.
June - November 1942:   Laid up in the Wilhelmshaven shipyard for major refits.
End of 1944:   Mine laying in the Skagerak.
Winter 1944/45:   While on refit in Schichau Shipyard in  Königsberg , the Russians attack the city.
23.01.1945:   Emden is towed to Pillau by ice breakers. There one of the CLs engines is brought into action.
06.02.1945:   The Emden arrived in Kiel after a six day journey from Pillau.
February - April 1945:   Refitting in Kiel.
April 1945:   The Emden is heavily damaged during an air raid on Kiel. The ship has to be beached in the Heikendorf Beight.
26.04.1945:   Withdrawn from service.
03.05.1945:   Destroyed by explosions. The wreck is broken down and scrapped.

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