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Zerstörer 1940 - 1958  Zerstörer 1936A  Class

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25-26.06.1941:   While being on transfer to Norway, Z25 runs aground.
03.07.1941:   The ship returns to Germany.
21-23.09.1941:   The destroyers Z25 , Z26 and Z27 and the torpedo boats T2 , T5 , T7T8 and T11 are attached to the Baltic fleet to prevent an escape of Soviet ships into the Baltic Sea.
29.11-12.12.1941:   Transfer of Z23 , Z25 and Z27 to North-Norway.
16-18.12.1941:   Operations of Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 against the Kola coast. After a battle against the British MTB Hazard and Speedy (hit 4 times), the destroyers return to their base.
26.12.1941:   The 8.Z-Flotilla, constiting of Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 sails out of the Ofotfjord.
27.12.1941:   Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 operate at the Lofoten.
03-04.01.1942:   Z23 , Z24 , Z25 and Z27 escort the Adolf Lüderitz from Tromsö to Kirkenes.
13-14.01.1942:   Mine operation of Z23 , Z24 and Z25 at Cape Kacovskij in the White Sea.
20.01.1942:   The transfer of Z23 , Z24 and Z25 from Kirkenes to Tromsö is canceled after Z23 and Z24 were damaged after running aground.
27-28.01.1942:   Z23 , Z24 and Z25 are sent from Kirkenses to Tromsö.
29.01-02.02.1942:   Z24 and Z25 return to Germany.
02-06.02.1942:   Z25 and T18 are sent to Holland. Together with Heinrich Schoemann they continue to Brest.
12-13.02.1942:   Operation "Cerberus": On board of Z29 , the "Füher der Zerstöer" and the destroyers Richard Beitzen , Paul Jakobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn, Z25 and the torpedo boats T2T4 , T4 , T11 , T13 , T15 , T16 , T17 Seeadler , Kondor , Jaguar , Falke and iescort the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the Channel from Brest ot Germany.
21-23.02.1942:   Richard Beitzen , Paul Jacobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn , Z25 and the torpedo boat Jaguar escort the heavy cruisers Prinz Eugen and Admiral Scheer on their way to Bergen.
23.02.1942:   Escort of heavy cruiers Prinz Eugen together with Hermann Schoemann . After Prinz Eugen is hit by a torpedo of the British submarine Trident , return to Bergen. Additional escrot is given by T5 and T12 .
23-24.02.1942:   Transfer of the 5th destroyer flotilla consiting of Richard Beitzen , Paul Jacobi , Hermann Schoemann , Friedrich Ihn and Z25 to Trondheim.
06-10.03.1942:   Arctic Sea operation with battleship Tirpitz : Friedrich Ihn , Paul Jacobi , Hermann Schoemann , Z25 , T5 and T12 are used as escorts.
12-13.03.1942:   Friedrich Ihn , Hermann Schoemann , Z25 , T5 and T12 escort the battleship Tirpitz during its transfer from the Bogenbucht to Trondheim.
25-27.03.1942:   Z24 , Z25 and Z26 are relocated to Kirkenes.
28-29.03.1942:   Operation of Z24 , Z25 and Z26 against the convoy PQ13:
After the loss of Z26 and rescue of its crew, the remaining destroyers have a short battle with the British destroyer Oribi and the Soviet destroyers Sokrusitelnyj and Gremjascyj .
11-15.04.1942:   Unsuccessfull attempt of Hermann Schoemman , Z24 and Z25 to attack the convoy PQ14.
11-12.05.1942:   Z24 and Z25 escort the tender Tanga from Kirkenes to Narvik.
16-18.05.1942:   Paul Jakobi , Z25 , T11 and T12 escort the damaged cruiser Prinz Eugen back to Germany.
12-18.11.1942:   Z23 , Z25 and Z29 escort the light cruiser Nürnberg on its way to Trondheim.
:   To be continued...

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